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Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology

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Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of phosphonates in China. Now more and more global traders and final users are benefiting from our high-quality phosphonates for applications in the field of industrial water treatment, oil, textile etc. We are able to guarantee consistent high quality products and stable supplying. We are certified by Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2008), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and Occupational Health and Safety Management system. Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd would like to be your trusted supplier and keep long term's cooperation with you.) Contact:Cathy Lee,Tel:+86 3916082211, E-mail: Cathy.lee@qywt.com.cn


Phosphonates:HEDP,ATMP,DTPMP,DTPMP-2Na,DTPMP-3Na,PBTC,HMDTMPA,etc Polymers:HPMA,AA/AMPS,HPAA,etc Phosphorous Acid) Contact:Cathy Lee,Tel:+86 3916082211, E-mail: Cathy.lee@qywt.com.cn

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