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Sunnier is the export office of Hongkai chemicals, we are the world unique whole industrial chain thiourea factory, we focus on production of thiourea (12000 tons each year) and Strontium carbonate (25000 tons each month). We are strong in thiourea as we owned its main raw material calcium cyanamide ourselves, one ton thiourea production needs two tons calcium cyanamide. We stared in 2001, we have mature technology, and the factory is rebuilt and equipment all be improved in 2015, our quality is excellent. We local in mountains, and with new good equipments conform to new environment protection requirements, so we have stable production. We warmly welcome for your visit to our factory for negotiation and cooperation. Contact:Alan,86 22 6518 6286,www.sunniertrade.com,alan@sunniertrade.com


Thiourea and Strontium carbonate Contact:Alan,86 22 6518 6286,www.sunniertrade.com,alan@sunniertrade.com

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SUNNIER TRADE CO.,LTD (www.sunniertrade.com