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Hebei Shijiheng Taifu Plastics

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Hebei Shijiheng Taifu Plastics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, which is one of the largest enterprises of manufacturing and D&R of plastic hollow packaging in the north. Our Company has several branch company now, Taifu Plastic Co.,Ltd, Shijiheng Plastics Co., Ltd , Wuxi Branch, Laixi Branch, Liaocheng Branch and Tianjin Sales Center. Based on the market-oriented layout principle, the company will establish Chengdu and Huizhou branch in the future. Our company has strong technical strength, production experience and advanced manufacturing equipment of plastic hollow packing, moreover, we have our own research and development ability, which can manufacture various products according to customers’ requirement. Contact : Jason, +86-18920862350, jrmartin07@hotmail.com


Intermediate Bulk Container Contact : Jason, +86-18920862350, jrmartin07@hotmail.com

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Hebei Shijiheng Taifu Plastics Co., Ltd (www.shijiheng.com